What To Expect


We believe humans were created to worship and we are at our best when we worship. Our worship gathering at 10:30 am has been called a “traditional” style of worship but we incorporate creative elements.

We include a Time with Young Disciples in most of our gatherings for children younger than middle school age. It is important for us to have our children and young people with us in worship and we try to find as many ways as possible to include them, such as lighting candles, reading Scripture, and singing. Our children and young adults are not only the church of the future; to us they are the church of the present as well. They learn to worship by modeling us and they can’t do that if they are sent away to another part of the building.

Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month. The sacrament is open to anyone, including children, who trust in the promises of Jesus Christ in their lives.

A safe and clean nursery space–unstaffed–is available to you during worship for young children.

All of our musical expressions lift our spirits in worship and encourage our participation. We’re not afraid to express our appreciation for their work as God’s gift to us.

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